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VRT International is a young and dynamic company which is active in the field of used refrigeration equipment for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.

SALES OF EQUIPMENT/PROJECTS) The core business of VRT is trading(buying and selling) of used refrigeration equipment, but we also offer complete refrigeration projects. We have a wide diversity of used cooling equipment in stock as you can see on our product page. We try to maintain a large and complete stock, to offer every customer with used cooling equipment which fits their purpose. When we do not have a specific machine in stock you are searching for, we can often offer a solution through our many contacts in the refrigeration industry. Besides used cooling equipment we can also provide new cooling equipment at competitive prices.

In addition to the sales of low priced used refrigeration equipment, we can provide our customers (through years of experience in refrigeration business) with the design, engineering and supervision of the refrigeration systems. When we have to make a design of a refrigeration system for a customer, we make the necessary calculations and provide them with the necessary drawings such as process diagram, blueprint of cold rooms, drawing up of coolers and compressors and the electrical diagrams. Next to the engineering we also prepare the equipment to achieve a easy installment on site.

VRT works with a number of installation companies who can provide the complete instalment and start-up of the system. Together with our partners, we are responsible for the correct delivery of the installed refrigeration system. In Europe all (re)installed refrigeration must now comply with the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), for that we can assist you or your installing company to get the new (used) refrigerant system to be a CE-PED certified refrigeration system.

PURCHASE OF USED EQUIPMENT) VRT is constantly looking for used refrigeration equipment, so when you replace a refrigerant system, or when you have a refrigeration system which is getting to small due to resizing your cooling department, or because of closure of an entire department or a complete factory closure, we are always interested to buy this equipment. When we purchase a system from a company we can provide the dismantling of the system(s) with our dismantling team. When there is still refrigerant present in the system, we will drain the refrigerant for processing or we reuse the refrigerant for our projects. You will receive a safeguard on paper for the refrigerant which is withdrawn from the system according to the European F-gas regulation or the ammonia hazardous regulation. The equipment we purchase will be fully checked and/or overhauled before they are sold. Water chillers will be thoroughly tested when they are sold, to be sure everything works. Because VRT has trust in their equipment, we provide a guarantee of three months on main components.

When you are facing a problem with facilitating cooling for your facility, please contact us so we can find a good solution together. We can draw from our large stock of equipment and find a quick and effective solution for you. Do you need only a temporarily cooling solution, we can also assist you in this case.


The VRT team.

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