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400 kW
400 Volt
75 kW
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A very nice Frigoscandia spiral freezer. Model GCM 93-10-35-32-NN-CR with a product capacity of +/- 4.000 kg/h (depending on type of product and inlet temperature). In/outfeed configuration is North/North. Infeed height= 980 mm, outfeed height= 4.756 mm. Belt rotation is clock wise, belt width gross = 920 mm, belt width net = 875 mm, max product height = 80 mm, numbers of tiers = 35 tiers. This Frigoscandia spiral freezer from 2004 has only been used for 4 years and during this 4 years, only one day a week. The freezer is executed with a S.S. control box with Siemens PLC. The most complete CIP cleaning system, large evaporator coil (1800 m2), 3 ventilators (18  kW each), water defrost and the freezer will be delivered with stainless steel floor. Insulating panels are not included, but can be offered by VRT on request.

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